Dress Code

Uniform for Girls- White blouse, or a white or red shirt with school logo.  Uniform plaid skirt(Grade 6,7,8) Jumper (K-5), Skort.  Navy walking shorts, navy twill, corduroy slacks.  If shorts are worn, they are only to have the original cuff and the right length of 4 inches above the knee.  Solid White or Blue crew socks only.  No other colors and no logos of any kind (i.e., Nike, Adidas, Vans, etc.).

For Mass the girls must wear the uniform criss-cross ties with a white button down shirt.  Button down must have the school logo and/or school sweater or jacket, and knee high socks for girls.  No sweatshirts are to be worn at Mass.  We strongly urge that the girls wear the uniform jumper, shirt or skorts.

Uniform for Boys- White or red polo shirt with school logo or white shirt with collar and buttons.  Navy twill or corduroy pants or shorts.  No pockets on the legs.  Solid White or Blue crew socks only.  No other colors and no logos of any kind (i.e., Nike, Adidas, Vans, etc.)

For Mass the boys must wear a school uniform tie and white button down shirt(Button down must have the school logo).  The pants must be worn with a belt.  No sweatshirts are to be worn at Mass.

For Girls: Hair should be clean, neatly combed, and moderately styled.  Haircuts or hair styles which feature unusual colors/bleached or shaving are not appropriate.  No bleached or highlighted hair.  No sculptured haircuts will be allowed.  Only ONE small earring which on the ear lobe may be worn.  No Hoops.  A small appropriate necklace and a ring and a watch may be worn.  Cosmetics are to be left at home.  Artificial nails and colored nail polish are NOT allowed.  Hair accessories must match the uniform colors.  NO boots, including Uggs may be worn with uniform.  Boots are ok during free dress days.  NO hats at all unless it’s a specific dress-up day.

For Boys: Hair is to be neat, clean, and well-groomed.  Hair may not fall below the mid-point of the standard dress collar or below the ear lobe at the side of the ear.  The following are NOT allowed: Haircuts or hair styles which feature unusual/bleached, extreme colors, skin faded or shavings; sculptured haircuts; earrings.

Both Boys & Girls: Shirts must be tucked in at all times during school hours.  Socks must be bobby socks or knee socks in white or navy blue only.  Solid Black or Solid White shoes only.  Shoes MUST NOT have any accent colors other than white or black.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If a shirt is worn under the polo shirt, it must be white, red or navy blue only.  No logos on shirts.



In the classroom, at Mass or at activities during the day, for both boys and girl the attire is a red or navy cardigan sweater with the school logo or a St. La Salle sweatshirt.  If a turtleneck is worn, it must be white or red with the school logo.  Attire that is too tight, baggy or too short is not allowed in the school.  Sweatshirts are not to be worn tied at the waist.

Hats, head coverings, or sunglasses are not to be worn except for medical reasons.  Shirts or blouses, with the exception of over blouses, must be tucked in AT ALL TIMES.  If the pants or shorts have loops, dark-colored belts must be worn.

Name labels may not be worn on shirts or pants or shorts. School T-shirts may be worn on game days and P.E. days.  Outerwear should not display any logos or advertisements other than the St. La Salle logo.  The color should, if possible, coordinate with the uniform colors of red, white and blue.  We strongly encourage school jackets as outerwear so students look uniform going to and coming from school.

Please label all outerwear.

Shoes must enclose foot and be appropriate for play.  Tennis shoes are required for P.E.

Students are expected to observe personal cleanliness.  Grooming aids such as brushes, combs, nail polish, and make-up are not to be used in the classroom.  No hair spray may be brought to school.

On non-uniform days clothes with the team logos MAY NOT be worn.  Shorts may not be more than 4” above the knee.  If clothes have straps, they must be worn on the shoulders.  Clothes must be properly fitted.

A uniform code cannot cover all the circumstances or new fads which may arise, so the staff has the right to make a final decision as to the appropriateness of clothing, accessories, and appearance.  For sports practice, students may only wear the St. La Salle P.E. uniform.


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