Our Philosophy

St. La Salle School is a faith-filled community of students, parents, staff members, school board members, religious and pastors. It provides a Christ-centered education in which children may grow in relationship with and respect for God, self, others and the environment. We believe that community is at the heart of our Christian education, not simply as a concept to be taught but as reality to be lived. The religious education of the children is not perceived as the responsibility of the school solely, but of the faith community at large: parents, teachers and clergy.

We foster a student-centered educational environment. We believe education means teaching the whole person. We believe each child is unique and this uniqueness must be respected and developed. We nurture the highest belief that every student should be provided a Christ-centered education conducive to developing his/her maximum potential. We encourage each child to live his/her faith in a global, technological society. We believe parents are the primary educators of their children. We acknowledge that parents and teachers are partners in the process of educating the child. As members of the same spiritual community, teachers and parents strive to establish a relationship of mutual trust and open communication.

We believe the teachers lead each student to develop a sense of mission and concern for others. Christ gives His people different gifts and talents not only for themselves but also for others. Teachers act as facilitators of learning while striving to be living models by guiding, supporting, directing, disciplining, and befriending the students. We strive to create an environment, which seeks to integrate the message revealed by God and proclaimed by the Church, the fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit, and the service to the entire Christian community. (To Teach As Jesus Did)