A message from Sr. Lucy Cassarino

Dear Parents,

We are in the process of enrolling students for the next school year. The school board has approved a slight increase for next year’s tuition. We are aware that some of you make big sacrifices to send your children to St. La Salle and we appreciate it. We have tried to keep the tuition at an affordable amount to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to provide a Catholic education for his or her children. I know you will never regret it, Catholic education is an investment that will stand the test of time.

We urge you to consider Catholic Education, a Christ-centered education conducive to developing your child’s maximum potential. Our school environment provides a sound spirituality for all students. They learn and practice the Catholic faith. The celebration of the sacrament is an integral part of our curriculum.

We believe parents are the primary education of their children. The teachers
are only facilitators of learning. St. La Salle is blessed with. great parental support and we acknowledge the many sacrifices that you, as a parent make in order to provide your children with a Catholic Education.

Thank you for your kind attention. May God bless you!


Sr. Lucy Cassarino, FDZ